2001-02 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Series

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Migratory Birds – Maureen Barrett’s eighth-grade students from Mt. Laurel Middle School join volunteers at Reed’s Beach to witness a massive migration of shorebirds and participate in a research project headed up by leading scientists from across the world. The Red Knot is a bird that flies annually from the bottom of South America to the top of Canada, with one of the stops at the Delaware Bay to feed on the horseshoe crab eggs.


Peace Day – About 1,000 students at Lounsberry Hollow Middle School in Vernon will hear from dozens of impressive speakers during Peace Day. The speakers range from victims of the Holocaust to a Sudanese slave.


Grounds for Sculpture – 2001-02 New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year Jan Wilson and her students from Nottingham High in Hamilton learn about sculpting at the Grounds for Sculpture. Five years later we’ll see how the art lessons blossomed.