2003-04 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Award: Outstanding Public Affairs Series

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Blueberry Legislation – Students at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Brick participated in New Jersey’s political process by successfully passing a bill to make blueberries the official state fruit. They did their research, lobbied and learned that citizens can make a difference when they know how.


Poetry Festival – Crowds pack into schools for sports events, but imagine a large audience in an urban city listening to poetry. Sally Hughes, a published poet and school secretary at EHS Edison House, decided four years ago that students in Elizabeth have the talent and the desire to compete in a poetry festival. The fourth annual poetry festival was made possible through a Pride Grant from the Elizabeth Education Association.


Agriculture – Northern Burlington Regional High School in Columbus offers a course on hydroponics, which is an alternative to conventional food production. The students are experimenting with the changing trends of the agricultural industry by reducing the amount of time it takes to produce a crop. The goal was to harvest lettuce from seed to harvest in about a month.